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2023 Active Bets

Bard and Miner have a yearly - Will Leonard Fournette get suspended?

Past Bets


Bard and Miner have a yearly - Will Leonard Fournette get suspended?



Bard and Miner have a yearly - Will Leonard Fournette get suspended?



Gary sets the line of 9.5 wins for the 2020 New England Patriots and takes the under. Bard takes the over. $20 on the line.

           New England Patriots finished with 7 wins.

Gary and Bard bet over who will have the better record between the New England Patriots and New York Jets. Gary took the Jets. Bard took the Patriots. $20 on the line.

          New England Patriots finished 7-9 while the New York Jets finished 2-14.

Gary bet the league that Jamal Adams wouldn't be traded during the draft. Then doubled down that they wouldn't trade him before the season. A shaved head is on the line.

          New York Jets traded Jamal Adams to the Seattle Seahawks.




Miner bet Bard that the New York Jets would have more than 9 wins. Miner takes the over. Bard takes the under. $5 on the line. PAID

          New York Jets finished with 7 wins.


Sco and Muffin bet on the Winner of the NFC South. Sco took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Muffin took the New Orleans Saints. Push if neither wins. $10 on the linePAID

       New Orleans Saints won the NFC South with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coming in dead last.

Miner bet Bard that the New England Patriots would have less than 9 wins. $30 on the line for Miner. $10 on the line for BardPAID

          New England Patriots finished with 11 wins and Super Bowl Ring.


Bard bet Miner that the New York Giants would win the East. $5 on the line. PAID

          New York Giants finished 4th out 4.


Bard bet Miner that Baker Mayfield doesn't start in his Rookie Season. $5 on the line. PAID

          Baker started 13 games

Miner bet Bard that Jared Goff wouldn't start an entire season in his career. $10 on the line. PAID.

         Jared Goff started an entire season in 2018 and went to the Super Bowl.

Bard bet Miner that Tom Brady will not play for the New England Patriots his entire career. $5 on the line. PAID

          Tom Brady left the Patriots in 2020 to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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